Computer Science

Programming has been a part of my life since I was about 6 years old after learning about viruses and trying to understand how video games were made. From there on I got into game development and software, eventually working my way up to scripting, web development, and app development soon after. Over time, I have come to learn and utilize over 50 different programming languages, across all platforms and in various environments. Since then, I have developed numerous pieces of software and published many research papers in computer science, alongside a few textbooks and other educational materials.

I also currently teach all the computer science courses at Craig High School in Janesville, WI, including AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Data Structures/Algorithms (Java), Web Development, Game Design (Godot), and Computer Programming I/II (Python/Adv. Python and C#) — as well as a few various online college-level courses. I have also worked as a webmaster, researcher, and senior software engineer, and currently do freelance graphic, web, app, and software design under my business Zero Development, which also hosts my portfolio of programs, research, and designs.

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I also offer tutoring in programming and computer science in general, which you can contact me about on the home page or through Fiverr.

Check out the courses I'm offering on Udemy: Introduction to Programming: C/C++ and Introduction to Programming: Python!


While I have been drawing all my life, I started doing graphic design around the same time I started programming; I was around 6 years old when I found out about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (Back when it was only CS2!) and had obtained my own copies of the software. I watched tutorials nearly daily for months, trying to figure out the art styles of other digital artists. I eventually started doing basic logos and things such as forum signatures, back when that was actually popular (2007 - 2010). Since then, I have developed my graphical art style over the past few years, eventually developing an art form nearly identical to Google's Material Design about 2 years before its release and widespread. This art style was used to populate my YouTube channel at the time I was an early high school student, among taking up freelance art for others.

Since then, after the start of my freelance web/software/graphic design business, I have taken up commissioned art for companies in need of logos and websites, as well as mockups for such and software, including mobile apps.

You can view my work below or on social media such as DeviantArt!


Skills and Technologies

Here are all the various tools and programming languages I have used in my personal work over the last 15+ years.

  • Software Suites: Adobe CC, Microsoft Office (including Power BI), JetBrains, Visual Studio/VS Code
  • Markup/Design: LaTeX, Markdown/R Markdown, HTML/XML/XAML, CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/Tailwind, UML, YAML, AImarkdown, Figma/Canva
  • Prototyping: Python, Lua, Ruby, Bash, PowerShell/Batch, Elixir, Perl/Raku, OCaml, Nim, Crystal, Zig, Haxe, Boo, Tcl, Wren, Mojo
  • Scientific Computing: R, Julia, Jupyter, MATLAB/Octave, Fortran, GAMS, Nextflow, Watson Studio, SPSS, Colab, Kaggle, SageMaker, Zeppelin, WandB, Deepnote
  • .NET: C#, F#, Visual basic/VBA, Q#, ML.NET, LINQ, WFA/WFP/Blend
  • General Purpose: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Go, Rust, D, Common Lisp/Racket/Hy, Groovy, Clojure, Swift, Dart, V, Vala
  • Low-Level: C, C++, Arduino, Assembly (x86/64, MIPS, NASM, FASM), Verilog/VHDL
  • Database and Query Systems: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, SQLite, MindsDB, DuckDB, Snowflake, Neo4j, Firebase, Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, JSON, REST/Postman/Insomnia, GraphQL
  • Game Development: Godot/GDScript, Game Maker/GML, Unity, OpenGL/GLSL, SDL/PyGame/LÖVE, Processing, SuperCollider, ChucK
  • Web Development: JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX, TypeScript, Node, CoffeeScript, PHP/Laravel, ASP.NET/Razor/Blazor, WASM, Ruby on Rails, Flask/Django/FastAPI, Apache, Nginx, Angular, React, WordPress
  • App Development: Xamarin, MAUI, Flutter, Flet, Android Studio
  • Software Engineering/DevOps: Linux, Docker, GitHub Actions, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Selenium, Jira, AWS, Google Cloud, Slack, Trello, DigitalOcean, Azure, Gradle, Maven

I've also contributed to the upcoming programming language Carbon!

GitHub Activity

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General Pricing

  • Logo Design: $150
  • Flyers: $10
  • Menus: $50
  • Post-Design Mock-ups: $5
  • Business Card Design: $20/Free with other design purchase
Hosting and Domain Costs
  • Domain Name: $20/year
  • Web Hosting: $120/year
  • Domain Transfer: $25
  • Database: $5/table
  • FTP Access/E-mail Server: $15/Account
  • Mobile App/Software: $10/hour
  • Basic Demo Application or Script: $5/hour
  • Professional Writing: $8/hour
  • Photo/Video/Audio Editing: $10/hour
  • Teaching: $15/hour


Basic Website
  • 3-5 Page Informational Website: $850
  • Programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP)
  • Contact Form: $10
  • Unique, Responsive Design
  • Content Management System: $500
  • Additional Pages: $100/Each
  • Flow posts/photos from Facebook Page: $50
Misc. Features
  • Price Modifier (Admins): $200
  • Auto-orderer (Via Text or Call): $200
  • Post Specials: $100

Misc. Designs