Programming has been a part of my life since I was about 6 years old after learning about viruses and trying to understand how video games were made. From there on I got into game development and software, eventually working my way up to scripting, web development, and app development soon after. Over time I have come to learn and utilize over 50 different programming languages, across all platforms and in various environments. Since then I have developed numerous programs that have been used populously, including developing apps and software for my high school's robotics organization as well as redoing my local Domino's label program. A few major projects of mine including a small LISP-style programming language, a simple math-solving AI, and planet spinner similar to Google Earth but without using WebGL as a backend. My most relevant project however, would be the data structure I designed in 2017, the Chunk List, which I am currently in the process of publishing as a scientific report. I have also worked as a webmaster for the Janesville School District, and currently do freelance graphic, web, app, and software design under my business Zero Development, which also hosts my portfolio of programs, research, and designs.

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I also offer tutoring in programming and computer science in general, which you can contact me about on the home page.

I am currently in the middle of developing a new programming class which is currently in an alpha state; more information will be posted upon completion.


Programs Developed

  • 1030 Programs Written (Including Scripts & Games)
  • 59 Programming Languages Learned

Programming Languages Known

Python, Lua, GML, Perl & Perl 6, C#, C, C++, Visual Basic/VB.NET/VBA, VBscript, Racket,
XML, XSLT, OCaml, Boo, Java, Scala, Batch, Bash, Rust, PowerShell, Dart,
Haxe, Swift, HTML5, CSS, Typescript, CoffeeScript, F#, Common Lisp, LaTeX, JavaScript,
jQuery, D, JSON, PHP, ASP.net, MySQL/SQL, AJAX, Go, Nim, Tcl,
Ruby & Ruby on Rails/Embedded Ruby, ActionScript/Flash, ES6/Harmony, AngularJS,
Reason, Crystal, Vala, Hylang, Groovy, Kotlin, and Assembly (MIPS, FASM, MASM, NASM).