I, Daniel Szelogowski, currently am a web, software, app, and game designer and developer, graphic designer, photographer, content creator, network recruiter, writer, reviewer, guitarist, singer (primarily choral), as well as health, astronomy, and overall science and math enthusiast, and student of course. I do mostly web and software programming now, but I am also good when it comes to mobile and game development. One of my biggest skills is graphic design however, whether it be vector or rasterized art. I often work with schools designing for their websites, or other aspects of them such as posters/fliers, banners, logos, and other designs for various organizations and local businesses. I am a bachelor's student at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, majoring in Music Education - Choral Emphasis and double minoring in Computer Science and Web Site Development and Administration, as I plan to be a high school choir and computer science teacher. After my bachelor's I plan to pursue my master's degree in Computer Science as well.

In terms of teaching, I teach music and computer science privately and hope to direct my own choir sometime soon. Anyone interested in contacting me for singing, guitar, computer science, or other lessons can contact me with the form below. I teach beginners to those more advanced. Regardless of student ability, I believe everyone has the potential to become proficient after taking easy, frequent or unfrequent lessons. I also give all of my students a certificate of achievement following the completion of our lessons, which are finished when I believe they are proficient enough to study the subject independently.

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