Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Dr. Daniel Szelogowski

I teach computer science and choir currently at the high school level (along with some online college-level classes and private music lessons) and conduct research primarily in the fields of music, signal processing, machine learning/deep learning, data science, education, and theoretical computer science.

Anyone interested in contacting me for singing, guitar, cello, computer science, or other lessons can contact me with the form below. I teach beginners to those more advanced. Regardless of student ability, I believe everyone has the potential to become proficient after taking easy, frequent or unfrequent lessons. I am also happy to provide independent research study opportunities for advanced students looking for assisted learning and guided research opportunities.

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My Education

  • πŸ€– Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence - Capitol Technology University (2022-2024)
  • πŸ–₯️ M.S. Computer Science - UW-Whitewater (2020-2022)
  • 🧬 G.C. Applied Bioinformatics - UW-Green Bay (2022-2023)
  • 🎼 B.M. Music Education - Choral Emphasis and Computer Science - UW-Whitewater (2017-2021)
    • πŸ•ΈοΈ Web Development and Administration Minor
    • 🀡 Conducting Undergraduate Certificate [Music]
  • 🏫 A.A.S. Arts and Sciences [General Studies] - UW-Milwaukee (2021)

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Want to get in touch with me or request lessons? Feel free to fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Note: If you would like to contact me for lessons, please use this form. If you're interested in tutoring, you can use the form or contact me through Fiverr.